Fetters Forever

Fetters forever. This is a mantra that my family has used since I was a child. It started as a fun game we did after family prayer which we would have most nights as we knelt down and held hands. After the prayer was over we would collectively place our hands in the middle and slowly say, “Fetters…” After wards we shouted, “Forever!” As we lifted our hands from the middle of the circle into the air, still clasping tightly to the other.

The act of sharing that moment with my family we had every night was powerful and created a since of belonging, genuineness, and spontaneity. To now take that to the workplace, with friends, new acquaintances, etc. It may not be appropriate to hold my team member’s hand and shout our names, “Alex and (enter team member’s name here)… Forever!” There are still moments in each day, in any given conversation, where we can be genuine, spontaneous and create a since of belonging with one another. To open up and say, “This is who I am.”

However small that act may be, what are we doing to create those moments? When they come, do we chose in?

Feel the fear and do it anyway.