Why So Salty?

Compared to a fresh water lake, the Great Salt Lake is dead.

In its defense, there is countless wildlife that visits the Lake and gathers around Antelope Island, but looking at the life that lives in the lake itself there is a lacking of diversity, growth, and life that a fresh water lake would have. The answer to why the Great Salt Lake is this way is due to its lack of an outlet.

Fresh water lakes have water that flows in and out; there is constant motion. Although there is salt in fresh water lakes it won’t ever get close to reaching the amounts that are in the Great Salt Lake because of the constant outflow.

If we desire a healthier lifestyle whether that be physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. this is an invitation to look at the healthy outlets we currently have set up in our lives. Most of the buildup, tension, weight, can come from a lack up outflow.

When in doubt, let it go.