The Sacredness of Sacrifice

Sacrifice. Even hearing the word at times can give the chills, and not in a positive way. However, there is beauty in the breakdown, and as we look closer we’ll gain a different perspective on what it means to sacrifice and why it should be something we strive for on a daily basis.

In its Latin roots, Sacra means “sacred rites,” while facere means “to do, perform.” To sacrifice is to perform a sacred act. Looking at the sacrifices we make as a sacred act brings the word into a different light. We all make sacrifices; the point is looking at those sacrifices we make for ourselves, loved ones, and strangers as a unique opportunity to learn and grow.

I know from personal experience that if I take a moment to step back and realize the sacrifices I make are sacred, my grief turns to gratitude and I press on with a grateful heart.

What sacred acts do you get to perform today?