Burn. Your. Ships.

We’ve all heard the legend.

You’ve been sailing for months. In the scorching sun you faintly lift your hand to your brow to block out the rays, only to see a faint object. It’s land. You yell in elation as your captain, Hernán Cortés, joins in with you in shouting, overcome with joy.

Feet hit the blistering sand. You made land, and just when you felt like throwing yourself overboard days earlier. Although you’ve struck land, doubt creeps in. Uncharted waters lead to uncharted land, and doubt creeps in. The foreign lands brings an uneasiness in the air that seems to reach your nostrils, and begins to course throughout your body.

Suddenly, a thought seems to lighten your burden. You think, “we’ll always have our ships. We can return anytime.” Right after you finish your thought your captain, leader, and mentor begins to gather the crew together. You make your way to him as he’s already begun to speak. He always spoke as if lighting shot out of his mouth. The power he had in every syllable, and the manner in which he moved the men was a site to behold. You push your way through the crowd, making your way to the front just to get on one knee out of respect for the man you’ve come to trust over your voyage.

You squint to block out the sun the best you can. Ready to hear your captain’s next command. Cortés turns to you, his dark eyes seem to pierce you to your soul. He grins and utters, “Burn. Your. Ships.”

My friends.. Fear is real. Doubt is real. Anxiety, hesitation, anxiety, etc. is real. For the sake of your legacy, burn your damned ship already. If you need to read another self-help book or listen to your favorite Tony Robbins quote one more time, you’ve essentially lighten your torch, but forget to set it to the wood and let your fear filled ship burn. We get one life. To quote @garyvee , “People are walking around here like they’re coming back. You’re not coming back!”

I’m burning my ships, forever. For the sake of your legacy, I invite you to do the same. Share how you’ve let go with #ShipBurnt