How To Be Heard

It takes time. It takes effort. But, it is everlasting.

If you have ever felt like your ideas gain zero traction with your superiors, I’ve learned from experience that by implementing the following two points you will see a difference in how you and your superiors view your ideas.

Earn Their Ear

Take two employees. Both suddenly get the same idea. The first employee doesn’t have the best metrics at work. He’s late more often than he should, and doesn’t usually speak up. The second employee makes and effort to crush any project he’s given and his metrics speak for themselves. Which one do you think will be heard? Earn the trust.

I’ve learned I need to earn the ear of my superior. In my position, I simply don’t make a lot of the bigger decisions, although I still may feel I can make an impact. I’ll work hard and smart. Crush the assignments given to me and my team. Consistently put out great content and have great metrics. Throughout this whole process i’m earning the ear of my superior. Now, when an idea comes, they stop and listen.

It takes time. It takes effort. But, it is everlasting.

A Piece, Rather Than The Pie

So often when I get an idea I feel like it’s the end-all and be-all of a specific issue. Or, if it’s not implemented and acted upon then it is a failure. Huge mistake.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned so far this year is my ‘brilliant’ idea I think I have that I’ll share with my boss very well might not happen or gain any traction. However, it’s purpose is still invaluable. The fact that I shared my idea is worth it. My idea could pop up in my bosses head later down the road when another issue presents itself. A part of it could be remembered by a coworker when they have their own issue arise. Just because my idea doesn’t become the pie, doesn’t mean it serves a purpose as a piece, however that piece is used.