Being In The Moment

The Meeting of two eternities, the past and the future… is precisely the present moment. – Henry David Thoreau

A few years ago I had a very embarrassing day, that even now I will reflect on what I learned. It all had to do with my fly on my pants. At the time, I was a full-time student at Weber State University and had a full schedule. I was at school all day, and since it was the last week of school I had a couple presentations that day as well. The entire day I was feeling confident in myself, my presentations went great, met a few new people, and enjoyed the day. However, at end of the day as I put my key into the my car door and looked down. To my horror I realized my fly not only had been down, but a piece of my dress shirt was sticking out of my fly. I could not believe I had gone all day completely unconscious to my own circumstance.

Below are two things I’ve since began to do that help me stay grounded and conscious of my surroundings and ultimately have lead me to be a more successful individual all around.

Have Your Moment

From Tony Robbins, to Michael Jordan some of the most successful people, in their respectful fields, each have a moment. A part of their day where they have an activity that grounds them. For Miachael it consisted of exercise, and for Tony it consists of meditation and prayer.

Regardless of the activity, have a moment. Have a moment where you be with yourself, however that looks. If you want to know what Tony Robbins does personally every morning, the steps are:

  1. Two minutes of a breathing exercise. Focus on breathing.
  2. Three gratitudes. Be in the moment and feel the feelings that come from three different areas in your life that you are grateful for. (For me, one I always use is my wedding day. I’l relive the feelings and emotions of getting married.)
  3. Three future gratitudes. Now visualize three things that you wish to bring about, and feel the gratitude that comes from already having those things. Again, it doesn’t have to be a physical object, it could be a relationship, etc.

Is it inconvenient sometimes? Absolutely. Do I forget, and then sometimes do this in my car on my way to work? Of course. The most important thing is to do it, and do it every day. Had I done this three years ago, I know I would of been conscious enough to check my fly.

Speak Up To Those Who Are Struggling

We’ve all noticed someone with their fly down, or something in between their teeth. But more importantly, I’m sure we’ve all noticed someone who seems to be struggling on a more deeper level. Maybe with addiction, depression, etc. Speak up! It could be you who was meant to step in, and change the path they are headed down.

I will forever be grateful to those who have called me out during times that I have personally been struggling. They cared enough to speak up, and let me know their feelings.

The Meeting of two eternities, the past and the future… is precisely the present moment. – Henry David Thoreau