Motivation – The Fool’s Bet

Zig Ziglar the author and world renowned speaker says motivation is a lot like showering. It’s useful, but it doesn’t last, so you need to repeat it often.

Motivation stems from the Latin root word movere, to make move. It can be frustrating to think that as leaders we need to constantly be motivating a team to give it their all and give their best work. I’m here to say there is another way.

Nothing outside of us will make us move for a sustained period of time. It comes from within. It comes from a choice we make to know our why and then be converted to it. So for any given project, process, or event you’re leading first ask yourself and then your team if you truly understand your why, and if you are committed to it.

Motivation is a fool’s bet because it does not last, is not genuine, and does not move the world. I challenge us to take a step back, ask ourselves and our team if we truly get our why, and ask how converted we are to making a change.

Worried about the how? That is something we each get to figure out on our own. Focus on the why and know the how will come.